Quad Light

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Dana Tănase, Ionuț Anton

This work was awarded a Nominalization at the Bucharest Architecture Anual 2014:

QUAD_LIGHT is a design object developed using digital tools, whose geometry and concept are born from the creative interaction between architects and the computational environment. Its shape is not imposed, it is searched for, and it is each time different, adapting to every users personal needs.
The computational environment is used both as generator, and for the performance analysis and simulation of physical forces that act upon the geometry. Modeled using advanced digital tools to simulate gravity and dynamic relaxation, QUAD_LIGHT had a fluid shape that is made up from quad subdivisions. Using the plugins for visual programming Grasshopper and Kangaroo for Rhinoceros, we managed to control the overall form and have a digital continuous workflow from concept design to fabrication.
The resulting shape of each QUAD_LIGHT is developed so that once assembled it will hang gravitationally and take the shape of the digital model. Using parametric design software and using an algorithm for design allows the customization of the form for each user and the generation of the fabrication information for each component. The algorithm allows the direct transfer of the information in the digital model to numerical controlled machines for the production of each individual component. Components are then manually assembled, therefore combining craftsmanship with the digital production.
roll up 60x160
roll up 60x160
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