Architecture and Algorithms: Book

Panou anuala _Ionut Anton _Carte arhitectura si algoritmi

Ionuț Anton
Tracus Arte
Aurelia Năstase

Book developed as a phd study at ”Ion Mincu” Unversity for Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, during 2005-2011.

The book was awarded a Nominalization at the Bucharest Architecture Anual 2013:


The book, entitled ”Architecture & Algorithms” is a result derived from the PhD research of Ionuț Anton. It is focused on the influence of current digital design and fabrication tools on the way that we conceive and make architecture. It is a opening into the world of using algorithms and computation in architecture, of the way in which algorithm relate to contemporary architectural theory, of how they find their roots into physical form finding and how they manifest today through scripting in architecture.

The text is a first step into the understanding of parametric architecture and it’s current possibilities. Besides a critical discourse of nowadays toeries in architecture using digital tools and a underlining of their use in contemporaray architecture, the research presents also the authors personal envolvement in the contact with digital tools.

The use of algorithms in architecture emerges as a resultant of many factors, empowering control and a posibility of generating complexity, legitimized by form finding and a performance based aproach to architectura artefact, developing through a more accesible programming languages like scripting. A architecture with the use of algorithms is not just the result of a creative use of software in producting a virtual architecture, or just a niche in formal exploration of mater self organizing processes, or just a way to incorporate current trends in the architectural discourse.

A architecture using algoritms is today a feasable alternative in design, developing its own mechanism of control of a ever increasing complexity of our world, incorporating rule based design in a multi parameter environment and making use of digital tools that are developed by architects for architects.

This book can be found on:


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