Strategies of Computational Design


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Dana Tănase, Ionuț Anton
Arhitectura “Digitalism” no. 4-5 / 658-9

The article presents the results of the research done by our studio in generating design objects using computational tools. Goind beyond the simple use of computational tools for delivering complex and controversed shapes, going beyond a disputea about style or esthetics, our research focuses on how computational design must traverse a flat computer screen and materialize itself into real objects.
The article emphasises our aim in using computational design tools in order to control a complex esign and fabrication process. The results of this process usualy surpass the computations means of simultation and visualization and become seductive physical objects.
The text presents our approach, as a small design studio in Romania, where computational design is not yet well established or represented, where we focus on the physical manifestation of design objects that are fabricated and conceived using digital tools. This is presented through workshops and small series of design objects. The workshop unveil a method for knowledge tranfer towards an ever growing community for best practices in applying digital tools in design. On the other hand the object design series focuses on materializing a research by design method whose aim is a finished product, rather than an exemplification of a particular workflow.