Component Build Workshop

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Workshop _ Grasshopper Module 02 held at OAR Bucharest
Ionuț Anton, Dana Tănase
OAR Bucharest
14-16 June 2013
Ruukki Romania

The idea behind the Component_Build workshop starts from investigating a basic architectural principle; that architecture is built on discrete elements. Most of the times, for an economy of construction these elements which composed a building were identical.
Today’s architects can work with construction components that can be unique, each one different than the other, but a product of the same technological chain. Therefore we can argue for the possibility of building with components that are different, yet similar at the same time. The architectural form is no longer constrained to seriality, but can incorporate a variability of components, generating a differentiation at a global level.
The workshop offered attendees an opportunity to design objects by modeling a single parametric element that would populate a surface. By formally adapting to local conditions, each component contributes to a general shape. The components geometry is influenced by several parameters as formal generators that follow structural performance, environmental performance and a certain fabrication and assembly process. The resulting objects from the workshop were exhibited in the Architectural Annual Bucharest 2013.

Workshop attendees: Ioana Anton, Adina Stanică, Mădălina Rădulescu, Simona Năstăsoiu, Carmen Tănase, Ileana Săvescu, Oana Truşcă, Anamaria Vâlcoreanu.


01 FLT_hexi
02 FLT_hexi

03 FLT_hexi

04 FLT_quad
05 FLT_quad

06 FLT_quad
07 BOX_rnd

08 BOX_rnd

09 BOX_rnd
10 BOX_conic

11 BOX_conic

12 BOX_conic

13 SPC_fill
14 SPC_fill

15 SPC_fill

16 WFL_dia
17 WFL_dia

18 WFL_dia

20 WFL_tri

21 WFL_tri

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