dtal exhibition at Bucharest Architecture Anual

DTALA_000 poster

Ionuț Anton, Dimitrie Ștefănescu

Curated by Ionuț Anton (idz ahitectură) and Dimitrie Ștefănescu (improved.ro), with the help of Emil Ivănescu (OAR Bucuresti), the exhibition etitled ”[PARA] Tectonics” was hosted as part of the VIIIth Bucharest Anual for Architecture, and showcased nine of the prototypes created by students in the two workshops tutored by Ionuț Anton and Dimitrie Ștefănescu in the spring of 2010: Parametric Reactive Surfaces at Bucharest, and Parametric Design at Cluj.

The exhibition included works done by students and young proffesionals during the two workshops and a general prresentation of parametric design. The exhibition showcased, for the first time in Romania, to the architectural community what digital design is and what are the possibilities of digital fabrication.

The exhibition period is from the 2nd to the 9th of July 2010, at Sala Dalles, Bucharest.

DTALA_00 expophoto

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