Workshop on Parametric Surfaces in Cluj

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Ionuț Anton (idz arhitectură), Dimitrie Ștefănescu (improved.ro)
AStA Cluj, +/- Cluj Center of Architecture
17 – 20 May 2010

Workshop attendees: Boieru Radu, Bohonyi Imola, Brasoveanu Dan, Cardos Alexandru, Călin Otilia, Clipici Tiberiu, Gavriliu Bogdan, Hambasan Bogdan, Homiceanu Patricia, Marton Annamaria, Meteș Valentin, Macavei Mihai, Micu Adrian, Pascalau Mihai, Petrovits István, Spulber Anamaria, Susca Filippo, Zsolt Csiby

With the participation of: Baba Ioan Mihai, Irimia Tiberiu, Cimpean Ovidiu

Following the large succes of the DTAL workshop in Bucharest, the self proclaimed DTAL team (Ionuț Anton & Dimitrie Ștefănescu), were invited by ASTA Cluj Association to hold a workshop on parametric design and digital fabrication in Cluj. The workshop was very nicely timed with Neil Leach’s conference in Cluj.

The workshop followed the already tested methodology of teaching and project development that was implemented in the Bucharest workshop. Participants were introduced to parametric design and digital fabrication techinques. After a series of trainging sessions they gained the necessary skill to develop small parametric design projects. The designs, done in small collaborative groups had also to keep in mind a specific fabrication technique that was used to fabricate all teh objects, a 2d cutting using a router of a flat sheet of plastic. All the projects done involved interlocking systems, a ”waffle” design, but managed to deliver a large variety in shape and concept.

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  1. […]   Curated by Ionuț Anton (idz ahitectură) and Dimitrie Ștefănescu (improved.ro), with the help of Emil Ivănescu (OAR Bucuresti), the exhibition etitled ”[PARA] Tectonics” was hosted as part of the VIIIth Bucharest Anual for Architecture, and showcased nine of the prototypes created by students in the two workshops tutored by Ionuț Anton and Dimitrie Ștefănescu in the spring of 2010: Parametric Reactive Surfaces at Bucharest, and Parametric Design at Cluj. […]