Grasshopper Advanced Course

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Training – Grasshopper Advanced Course
Ionuț Anton (ART-Authorised Rhino Trainer), Daniela Tănase (ART-Authorised Rhino Trainer)
OAR Bucureşti – Romanian Order of Architects, Bucharest Branch
Ruukki Romania

The Grasshopper Advanced Course we held in 2013 in partnership with OAR Bucuresti.
Module 04 / Grasshopper advanced course is intended for architects and designers who are interested in its application in current practice, using the latest plug-ins emerged. The trainees will learn to use these extensions in order to integrate numerous tools for analysis and simulation in the architectural process.
This course aims to develop a link between the virtual and the real context model through structural or environmental simulations, using other software or plug-ins dedicated. Through this link the virtual model receives physical properties that can further modify and adapt the initial model. This creates feedback loops that can optimize the design to provide an object responsive to environmental conditions.
• Mesh subdivision with Weaverbird, continuous surfaces without NURBS
• Genetic optimization with Galapagos, optimal search
• Physical environment feedback with Diva and Geco, solar and day lighting analysis
• Adding physical properties with Kangaroo Physics, interactive form-finding
• Linking the parametric model with structural analysis using Karamba, structural performance simulation
• Extracting data with Firefly and Kinect, 3D scanning and human movement tracking
• Exchange of information between Grasshopper and other applications with Ghowl links to internet feeds or Excel files.
01.01 galapagos 01.02 ecotect surface 01.03 ecotect city 01.04 ecotect shading 01.05 diva daylight 03.01 kangaroo voronoi 03.02 kangaroo physical form finding 03.03 kangaroo physical form finding any shape 03.04 minimal surface 04.01 kangaroo form finding + ecotect 04.02 Kangaroo inflate 04.03 Kangaroo wind 04.04 Karamba kangaroo dome 05.01 Karamba surface shell 01.06 hoopsnake tree 01.07 hoopsnake dla 05.02 export data to excel _panouri 05.05 elk get osm data 05.03 get feed xml06.01 firefly webcam06.04 kinect depth

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