INformed Geometries Workshop

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Workshop _ INformed Geometries held at OAR Bucharest
Ionuț Anton, Dana Tănase
OAR Bucharest
8-10 November 2013
Ruukki Romania

The second workshop in the Rhino and Grasshopper series that we tutored in 2013, hosted in the fall of 2013, focused on digital form finding and generated geometries influenced by real data, performance analysis and physical forces simulation.
The possibilities of current digital technologies make way for complex formal and geometrical explorations that can be turned into reality by very specialized fabrication means. In the case of the INformed_geometry workshop one of the generative drives was the use of a 3d printing technology that allows the making of small scale objects with a very high degree of complexity.
The models resulted in the workshop are imagined as belonging to a virtual world, but are personal interpretations of architectural objects. The proposed image is willfully pushed to the limits of reality, being an expression of the capabilities of digital tools, as regarding both the control of a geometry informed by real data, and the control of the 3d printing process and its limitations.
Workshop attendees: Mădălina Rădulescu, Otilia Sandu, Carmen Tănase, Raluca Frusina, Simona Năstăsoiu, Oana Truşcă, Raluca Becheru, Simina Dimcea, Livia Zaharia, Alexandru Petre Vlad, Filip Mihai Cristescu.





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