Robo_Craft. Hot wire cutting

Ionuț Anton, Dana Tănase

ROBO_CRAFT is a series of research projects that aims to explore the use of industrial robots in the creation and production of architectural artifacts. The research is focused on using a ABB IRB140 industrial robots and testing its creative potential in design through different applications.
The first project in the series develops an application of robotic hot wire cutting of a parametric object formed by 81 volumetrically different components that were made through subtraction operations. Using parametric systems, both for formal generation, and for fabrication (Rhino + Grasshopper + HAL Robot Programming & Control), ROBO_CRAFT implements a full digital workflow from the forma generation, to the parametric control of the robot and the fabrication of the individual volumetric components.
HAL is a plugin for Grasshopper developed by Thibault Schwartz (hal.thibaultschwartz.com/).
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