Rhino Beginners Course for Jewellery and Fabrication Workshop


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Training – Rhinoceros beginners for jewellery
Ionuț Anton (ART-Authorised Rhino Trainer), Daniela Tănase (ART-Authorised Rhino Trainer)
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The Course module for Rhino beginners jewellery is tailored for jewellery artists and designers with all skill levels, that haven’t had the chance to use Rhinoceros and are interested in learning 3d modelling and about digital fabrication of jewellery pieces. This well focused course covers the basic Rhino functionality and the advanced modelling of jewellery pieces.
This course offers artists and designers the opportunity to gain base knowledge in free-form modelling and general Rhino usage, with applications in the jewellery field, but also knowledge pertaining digital fabrication combined with jewellery-craft. Attendees will fundament concepts such as navigating through the interface, using drawing tools, three-dimensional modelling of surfaces and volumes with the aim of producing jewellery pieces.
The course sessions will cover a theoretical part followed by a series of practical exercises developed around the accumulated knowledge. The course is structured in two parts, one dedicated to training and one devised for each participant to develop an own jewellery piece. All jewellery pieces will be fabricated through digital means of wax 3d printing and lost wax vacum casting or by 3d printing in plastic abs.
Competence gained:

  • A familiarity with the Rhino interface and workspace
  • A ability to create and edit curves, surfaces and solids, used in developing elements for rings, pendants, earrings or bracelets
  • A ability to create and edit complex geometries
  • A ability to identify and use precise modelling and when one can use efficiently free-form modelling
  • A ability to use elements of aid for precise modelling
  • A knowledge of fabrication systems constraints and lost wax vacum casting and the ability to adjust design elements to the constraints of these systems

    01.02. start_lego201.03. zoom01.16. inele

    02.03 fillet_chamfer tema02.07 curve boolean flow02.09 offset_TEMA

    02.10 array02.13 cp ring02.14 model ring

    02.15 text03.05 loft_rotate_section03.16 FlowAlongSrf

    03.13 networksurf03.10 2 rail sweep03.06 waffle


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    1. Buna seara in ianuarie.
      Ma tot gandesc la cursul Rhino pt bijutieri. Astept semn cand apare in program. Multumesc anticipat.

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