Robots in Architecture Conference 2012

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Conference – RobArch 2012
Robots in Architecture
17-18 December 2012

RobArch 2012 was the first conference dedicated to the use of robotic facbrication in architecture. It was a eye opening event that was initiated by the Robots in Architecture Association and was held in Vienna on the 17th and 18th of December 2012. The conference gave a very good overview of what the use of industioal robots can do for architecture, presenting papers from academia, small private practices that research the field and large companies that employ robots for the fabrication of highly customized components.
The conference gathered artists, architects, designers, enginners, researchers and students and also hosted 8 robot workshops throughout Europe, including Eth Zurich, Stuttgart, TuDelft and Graz. We had the pleasure of attending the Vienna II workshop where we used HAL to controll from Grasshopper an industrial workshop. It was a great moment and a great opportunity to have a face to face mmeting with all the major researchers dealing with robotic use in architecture that we have been admiring from a distance.

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