Robo_Craft. Robotic Pixels Instalation

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Ionuț Anton, Dana Tănase

In our ongoing research project Robo_Craft, we developed an interactive instalation for the Connected. Things about Future, Cities and People / Exhibition a project coordinated by Zeppelin Association (RO), in collaboration with: Archis (NL), Fargfabriken (SE), NUDA (NO), Eurodite (RO).
Technology helps us to interact, to connect with each other, to collaborate despite great physical distances between people. The connection thus created is most of the time one of a virtual nature. Robotic Pixels Installation aims to physically link four different cities through digital technology. Here the connection between places transcends the virtual environment and manifests physically with the help of an industrial robot.
The Robotic Pixels installation offers the opportunity to the inhabitants of the four cities to translate their physical presence in the exhibition space in Bucharest. The system is designed as a closed loop, activated by interaction with users. The process begins with translating the physical topography of the face into the virtual environment by means of 3d scanning. The information is passed through specific digital filters and abstracted to be processed by an industrial robot that will recompose the physical presence in Bucharest. The connection loop is closed by turning the visitor with active input in the process into a witness to the re-materialization process. The robotic movements can be viewed in real-time as the three-dimensional image emerges.
Robotic Pixels explores how one can interact with industrial technologies that become sensitive. The robot is adapted and hacked to be used in a way that is creative and open to communication. Although the system integrates a multi-disciplinary technology, the focus is on active transformation and emotional connection. Robotic Pixels encourages a different communication experience, challenging the space-time relationship by means of simultaneous presence in many places.

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