Smart Geometry 2010

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Conference – Smart Geometry 2010
IaaC Barcelona
19-24 March 2010

Fabrics, cables, 3d printed nodes, tubes, wooden pannels, folded paper, polystirene bricks, just a few of the very simple materials, doubled by an amazing list of cnc machines, were at the disposal of the workshops hosted during the Smart Geometry 2010 event, a annual event that brought together groups with different backgrounds, but a common goal, digital and parametric architecture.

The event hosted during 19 and 24 March 2010, was divided into three parts. A first part was dedicated to a series of workshops with the theme “Working Prototypes”. A second and third part were dedicated to a series of pannel discussions (Shop Talk) and a conference day on digital desing and fabrication.

The first part, the workshops were held in a exceptional place,Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC), and was a intensive exchange of ideas, machines, materials and knowledge that aimed to build an object as a result of digital design by means of digital fabrication. IaaC offered his space for the workshop clusteres, a former industrial space converted in one of the most interesting architecture schools. Besides the space and personel suppport, IaaC also facilitated the acces to it’s wonderfull Fablab. The attendees had access to al sorts of computer numerically controlled machinery, from the complex ones, such as a 6 axis robotic hand, to less complicated ones such as sewing machines. The list featured also classical systems such as 3d printing, laser cutting, cnc milling and also 2d cutters used by textile industry. These machines mediated the digital fabrication of 1:1 scale working prototypes of the clusteres.

The workshop, as opesed to prevous years, was divided into clusteres that had a certain reserach agenda. These clusteres drew participants from the foremost universities and top architecture practices from all over the world, and by bringing together people, knowledge, tools and materials they facilitated colaborative work and an emergent exchange of ideas and technologies. Each clustered was lead by world renowned tutors, that are experts in the cluster research agenda.

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